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Bag of Jewels

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Bag of Jewels.png

Bag of Jewels

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
Game link

Double-click to open.

— In-game description

A Bag of Jewels is a container that drops a combination of three random crests and/or gemstones and a few copper coins. It is used in the Mystic Forge to craft the Goblet of Kings.

[edit] Acquisition

[edit] Contents

Bags will drop any three of the following:

Seal of the Magi.png Seal of the Magi
Seal of the Rabid.png Seal of the Rabid
Seal of the Shaman.png Seal of the Shaman
Seal of the Soldier.png Seal of the Soldier
Seal of the Assassin.png Seal of the Assassin
Medallion of the Magi.png Medallion of the Magi
Medallion of the Rabid.png Medallion of the Rabid
Medallion of the Shaman.png Medallion of the Shaman
Medallion of the Soldier.png Medallion of the Soldier
Medallion of the Assassin.png Medallion of the Assassin
Crest of the Magi.png Crest of the Magi
Crest of the Rabid.png Crest of the Rabid
Crest of the Shaman.png Crest of the Shaman
Crest of the Soldier.png Crest of the Soldier
Crest of the Assassin.png Crest of the Assassin
Beryl Crystal.png Beryl Crystal
Chrysocola Crystal.png Chrysocola Crystal
Coral Tentacle.png Coral Tentacle
Emerald Crystal.png Emerald Crystal
Opal Crystal.png Opal Crystal
Ruby Crystal.png Ruby Crystal
Sapphire Crystal.png Sapphire Crystal
Beryl Orb.png Beryl Orb
Chrysocola Orb.png Chrysocola Orb
Coral Orb.png Coral Orb
Emerald Orb.png Emerald Orb
Opal Orb.png Opal Orb
Ruby Orb.png Ruby Orb
Sapphire Orb.png Sapphire Orb

[edit] Recipe

The bag can be used to create a Goblet of Kings at the Mystic Forge.

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
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 Goblet of Kings
FExotic Mystic Forge 0
Eldritch Scroll.png Eldritch Scroll
Mystic Coin.png Mystic Coin
Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot
Bag of Jewels.png Bag of Jewels
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