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Aurora's Remains

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Aurora's Remains

Aurora's Remains map.jpg
Map of Aurora's Remains

Aurora's Remains locator.svg
Location within Brisban Wildlands

Brisban Wildlands
(Maguuma Jungle)
Connects to
Toxal Bog

Aurora's Remains.jpg
Aurora's Remains

A long time ago, a tribe of human druids ventured into the jungle to make peace with the jungle. For many years they lived in harmony with the Maguuma, making their home in the Aurora Glade. Though there are rumours, no one has actually seen or heard from any of the druids in hundreds of years.


[edit] Locations and objectives

Event star (map icon).png
[Group Event] Draw out and destroy the Demagogue's spirit (26)

[edit] Getting there

  • North of the Skill Point in Toxal Bog

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

[edit] Foes

Ascalonian ghosts
Wind Riders

[edit] Objects

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Environmental weapons

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