Ascalonian Catacombs armor

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Ascalonian Catacombs armor
Ascalonian Performer armor human female front.jpg Ascalonian Sentry armor human female front.jpg Ascalonian Protector armor human female front.jpg
Ascalonian Performer armor Ascalonian Sentry armor Ascalonian Protector armor

Ascalonian Catacombs armor is a dungeon armor set purchased from the Dungeon Armor and Weapons vendor using Ascalonian Tears, a token obtained while completing Ascalonian Catacombs explorable mode. A full set costs 1,380 Ascalonian Tears. There is a set for each weight in 3 different prefixes: Soldier's, Magi's, and Rampager's. All pieces are exotic and have a level requirement of 80.


Set bonuses[edit]

Set Weight Defense
Ascalonian Performer armor Light 920
Ascalonian Sentry armor Medium 1,064
Ascalonian Protector armor Heavy 1,211
Attribute bonuses
Soldier's Magi's Rampager's
+315 Power Power
+224 Toughness Toughness
+224 Vitality Vitality
+315 Healing Power Healing Power
+224 Vitality Vitality
+224 Precision Precision
+315 Precision Precision
+224 Power Power
+224 Condition Damage Condition Damage

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