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Dragon concept art by Kekai Kotaki.

The currently unnamed Elder Dragon from the depths of the sea has the power to create tentacled creatures from the water. It is said that through its powers, it has been creating servants from every lake and river around its location.

This particular elder dragon does not have a major influence on the world of Tyria, which accounts for the lack of information regarding the subject. However, the deep sea dragon is known to hold influence on the Unending Ocean, being the cause behind the quaggan being forced from their home in the ocean depths. There has been mention of the krait, quaggan and other sea-creatures that have been driven out of the sea by an "underwater dragon,"[1] and the invasion of the krait, who formerly lived in the deepest trenches of the Unending Ocean, into quaggan lands 50 years ago coincide with the approximate awakening of this dragon. Some quaggan and largos also make mention of horrors belonging in the ocean's depths now as well. Furthermore, the karka are said to have "avoided Orr for the same reasons they fled their home" in the Unending Ocean's depths.[2]

The Inquest have captured a dragon minion and are preparing a water-themed area called "Zone Blue" in the Infinite Coil Reactor for it to be stored.


  • It is not to be confused with the undead dragon Zhaitan, who was under the sea prior to awakening but has a different set of powers and minions.
  • Although lore points to the deep sea dragon waking up roughly between 1270 and 1275 AE, the cinematic during The Machine features the Elder Dragons as orbs, with a blue orb (suspected to represent the deep sea dragon) glowing and moving between Primordus and Jormag (the first two dragons thought to rise) which happened in 1120 AE and 1165 AE. If the order of the orbs' movement does indicate the Elder Dragons' awakening, then it places the deep sea dragon as breaking the pre-established ~50 year timespan between the awakenings (prior to Mordremoth, whom was woken early by Scarlet Briar.
  • A design seen in the Echoes of the Past trailer could possibly indicate that the deep sea dragon's name begins with an S.


  • The lack of information is meant to give a sense of foreboding for the open oceans.[3]
  • Due to the lack of an official name, people refer to the dragon as "Deep Sea Dragon" (or DSD/dsd for short), "Bubbles," "Dragon of the Deep," "Blue Dragon," and "Steve".


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