Postern Ward

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Postern Ward

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Postern Ward Map.jpg
Map of Postern Ward

Lion's Arch

Postern Ward.jpg
Postern Ward

The western portion of Postern Ward, showing the unnamed structure next to Smuggler's Waypoint

The Postern Ward is the easternmost area of Lion's Arch, lying across the Inner Harbor. It contains the Guild Initiative Headquarters as well as a cave with ogre emissaries working on a treaty to prevent their village from being attacked by would-be heroes.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of interest
Point of interest.png
Guild Initiative Headquarters
Waypoint (map icon).png
Eastern Ward Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png
Guild Buff Waypoint —
Postern Ward Vista —
From Smuggler's Waypoint, follow the path down the hill towards the vista. Climb the rock formation that the vista is situated on.
Jumping Puzzles
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Urmaug's Secret





Guild Registrar (map icon).png
Beaulieu (Guild Registrar)
Guild vendor.png
Hinkla (Guild Armorer)
Guild Commendation Trainer (map icon).png
Guild Officer (Guild commendation trader)
Guild vendor.png
Kite Maker (Guild Armorer)
Directions.png Lionguard Guide (Directions)
Guild vendor.png
Mercato (Guild Weaponsmith)
Guild Bank.png
Sear Malstride (Guild Banker)
Speed Boon.png
Villager (Speed boons)
Guild vendor.png
Wudd (Guild Promoter)


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Lionguard (1): Look sharp. We've had more reports of travelers smuggling goods through this fort.
Lionguard (1): We need to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious.
Lionguard (2): We're on it.
Lionguard (3): Yes, sir!
Lionguard (4): You can count on us.
Villager (human): This city is amazing! I talked to a charr, I saw a sylvari talking to a norn...
Villager (charr): Relax, hayseed. That stuff happens every day.
Villager (asura): Settle down! Next you'll be telling us about the special mote of dust you found.
Hunter (1): I drank three asura under the table yesterday.
Hunter (2): Big deal. Your cheeks hold more ale than all their bellies combined.
Hunter (2): Do you know where I can find some floral perfume?
Hunter (1): What? All of a sudden you care how you smell?
Hunter (2): Shut up. I'm trying to impress this sylvari I work with.
Citizen (1): This area was perfect before all these lowlifes started moving in.
Citizen (2): Someday we'll be able to afford a place in the city.
A smuggler attempts a trade
Citizen (1): Hey. C'mere. I got somethin' for you.
Citizen (2): Talk to me.
[Citizen 1 leads Citizen 2 off the road to a Pack Marmox]
Citizen (2): You've got to be kidding me.
Citizen (1): Keep your voice down, skritt-munch.
Citizen (2): Don't insult my intelligence. Take that trash to the skritt. They'll trade for anything.
Citizen (1): (growl)