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Statue of Palawa Joko.

Palawa Joko, the Scourge of Vabbi, is an undead desert king and the current ruler of Elona. Over 450 years ago, he led an army into Vabbi, crippling the then-province and, from there, staged his conquest of the entire continent, all but defeating the three provinces of Istan, Kourna and Vabbi. For two long years the people of Elona suffered under his reign, until the last bastion of hope for Elona, the great Kournan general Turai Ossa challenged him to one-on-one combat, far above the Battle of Jahai. Turai defeated Palawa Joko and sealed him beneath the sands of Elona, where he was kept in his place by the Order of Whispers.

However, this was not to be a permanent solution. Centuries later Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, Turai's descendant, attempted to summon her dark god Abaddon. The approach of Nightfall weakened the magic that bound Joko. Though he was weak and without an army, the Order of the Sunspears allowed his freedom for knowledge on how mortals could traverse the Desolation, a region of Elona where only demons and the undead could survive.

As Elona returned from the brink of Nightfall and slowly rebuilt, Joko bided his time. In no less than sixty years after he had been freed, the undead lord of the Desolation, having learned from his past mistakes, rallied his undead army to its former power and marched into Vabbi. Instead of outrunning his supply lines (which had been his undoing the previous time), he dammed and diverted the Elon River, which both supplied his desolate domain with precious water and simultaneously deprived Kourna and Vabbi of that same resource. Faced with a devastating drought and famine in Vabbi and northern Kourna, Vabbi surrendered to survive. Kourna and Istan soon followed.

For over one hundred years thereafter, Palawa Joko has focused on little else but the defamation of the Order of the Sunspears and control of the Ossa lineage. The former was accomplished by the destruction of the majority of the faction while converting prominent members, either alive or undead. While the dead would join through his necromancy, the living would join Joko's cause with promises of wealth and power. These converted Sunspears were given the power, the resources and the permission to kill or capture their former friends. The Sunspear traitors were all made members of the same group of elite knights - the Mordant Crescent. Meanwhile any descendant of Turai Ossa was brought to Joko's armies and there converted to his service, forming a living army to match his undead armies.

Since then, the awakening of the Elder Dragons caused contact to be mostly lost with Elona. It can be assumed that Joko still rules from his Bone Palace in The Desolation, standing watch over his ill-earned kingdom.


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