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The Mystic Forge
Mystic Forge UI

The Mystic Forge is a crafting station located in the heart of the Lion's Arch Mystic Plaza near the Trader's Forum waypoint, within the Heart of the Mists, and within each Borderlands' garrison and Stonemist Castle in World versus World. It can also be accessed with Mystic Forge Conduits and Mystic Forge Nodes from anywhere in the world.

This strange object holds the imprisoned djinn Zommoros, who hails from distant Elona. If you offer him the proper gifts, he will create new items for you. Talk to Miyani, located next to the forge, to learn more about Zommoros and the operation of the forge. She sells mystic recipes for coin and mystic items for skill points that are used in crafting items specific to the forge.

The mystic forge has various uses, ranging from transmuting weapons to higher level versions to the crafting of legendary weapons. It plays an important function in moderating the economy - when lower ranked items become too cheap, the expected returns encourages the consumption of common items to produce rarer ones.


The mystic forge is a special crafting station that can be used by all characters. Recipes in the mystic forge always require four ingredients. Recipes can be discovered in a similar fashion to crafting professions, but there is no tab to record them. Generic recipes will show all other equipment of the same rarity as valid in terms of the discovery.

Generic recipes typically require four pieces of equipment of the same rarity and will create a random piece of equipment of that rarity whose level is 5-12 levels higher with a chance that the item will be promoted in rarity.[1]. If four pieces of equipment of the same type and rarity are used, the equipment received will be of the same type in addition to normal function. This serves as a way to obtain high level versions of a certain piece of equipment. The forge can also be used to transmute crafting materials, dyes, and blueprints among other items.

Recipes unique to the mystic forge are used to create specific items such as mystic or legendary weapons. These items often require mystic coins, high level items, and large resources.

You can help with Research into Forge Recipes here.


Common Crafting Material Promotion

Common crafting materials can be promoted to higher tier materials using a formula similar to the following example:


General Formula for promotion:

(250 x tier A material) + (1 x tier A+1 material) + (5 x tier A+1 Dust) + (A x Philosopher's Stone(s)) = A random amount of Tier A+1 materials
  • The number of materials you get out varies with the tier of materials in the process, but the number of materials put in (250) remains constant.
  • Upgrading from tier 5 to tier 6 has a lower yield than all other tiers.
  • Upgraded common materials can only be advanced one crafting tier at a time. Copper can only become Iron, Wool can only become Cotton, etc.
  • The quality of "Pile of X Dust" required for the recipe is equal to the material being produced.
  • The number of Philosopher's Stones needed is equal to the tier of the material being produced minus 1. Creating a tier 4 material (Linen, Rugged Leather, etc.) would require 3 stones.


  • Silver cannot be created from Copper.
  • Gold cannot be created from Iron.
  • Platinum can be created from both Iron and Gold, with Gold being considered a higher tier metal for the promotion formula.

Fine Crafting Material Promotion

Fine crafting materials can be promoted to higher tier fine materials using a formula similar to the following example:


  • Upgraded fine materials can only be advanced one tier at a time.
  • Upgrading from tier 5 to tier 6 has a lower yield than all other tiers (5 - 10 materials gained).
  • The quality of "Pile of X Dust" required for the recipe is equal to the fine material being produced.
  • The amount of Philosopher's Stones needed is equal to the tier of the material being produced minus 1. Creating a tier 4 fine material (Thick Blood, Sharp Fang, etc.) would require 3 stones.

General Formula for promotion:

(50 x tier B fine material) + (1 x tier B+1 fine material) + (5 x tier B+1 Dust) + (B x Philosopher's Stone(s)) = A random amount of Tier B+1 materials

Dust Promotion

Piles of dust can be promoted to higher tier dust using a formula similar to the following example:


General Formula for promotion:

(250 x tier C dust) + (1 x tier C+1 dust) + ( C x Crystal(s)) + (C x Philosopher's Stone(s)) = A random amount of Tier C+1 dust
  • Dust can only be upgraded one tier at a time.
  • Upgrading from tier 5 to tier 6 yields a lower result than other tiers.

Rare Crafting Material Promotion



  • These recipes produce one of the tier above them. (So the charged core recipe will result in 1 lodestone)
  • Lower tier rare crafting materials can also be upgraded using these formulas, with the appropriate tier of dust.
  • Due to the cost of acquiring Bottles of Elonian Wine, these recipes may not be worth pursuing.

Ascended Crafting Material




Lower Grades



Mystic Clovers

Mystic Clovers are used in the creation of the Gift of Fortune, which is required to create all legendary weapons. The following formula is used to randomly acquire the Clovers, ~1/3 of the time.



  • The Gift of Fortune requires 77 Mystic Clovers.
  • Both recipes pull from the same pool of random results, with the 10 Clover recipe costing 10 times as much, and yielding 10 times more.
  • Because the 10 clover recipe results in larger yields, it is generally a better idea to use the single clover recipe to avoid acquiring large quantities of low value items.

Possible results for the 1 Clover recipe are (listed in order of value):

Using the 10 Clover recipe, it is possible to get 20-40 tier 6 fine crafting materials, 20 obsidian shards, 10 Crystal, or 10-40 refined common tier 6 crafting materials.


Certain equipment can only be made at the mystic forge:

Crest and Jewel Creation

Crests and jewels can be created by combining equal level jewels.


  • Jewels must be of the same tier to work.
  • Generates a seal or gem depending on the tier of gem used in the creation.
  • Higher tiered gems result in greater upgrade component levels.

Armor Box / Satchel Recipes

Recipes for full armor sets can be created from the crafted chest piece. They will allow you to craft armor boxes, which contain every piece of an armor set. The following formula does not give you the full armor set, only the recipe to make it. Also note that armor acquired by karma and random world drop, cannot be used to make a recipe.


The amount of Wine, Crystals, and Coins depends on the quality of item placed in the forge.


Into Forge: - 20 Crystal Shards - 5 Bottles of Elonian Wine - 50 Mystic Coins - 1 Beserker's Exalted Coat (Exotic)

Result: Recipe: Satchel of Berserker's Exalted Armor (Exotic)

Recipe Cost: 6 Beserker's Intricate Gossamer Insignias, 18 Bolts of Gossamer, 10 Spools of Gossamer Thread, 6 Cured Hardened Leather Squares

Mystic Weapons

Mystic weapons can be created in the Mystic Forge and use a skin similar to the Inquest weapons, with stats identical to other crafted level 80 exotics of any prefix. All formulae are similar to the following, using their respective weapon components:

Exception: The Mystic Sword (1 hand) costs 50 Mystic Coins, other materials are the same as below.



Infusions can be created in the Mystic Forge to have +5 Agony resistance in addition to +5 to some other attribute. These infusions require:

Name Attribute Type Crafting components
Healing Infusion Healing Power.png Healing Power Defensive Elaborate Totem.png Elaborate Totem
Malign Infusion Condition Damage.png Condition Damage Offensive Powerful Venom Sac.png Powerful Venom Sac
Mighty Infusion Power.png Power Offensive Vial of Powerful Blood.png Vial of Powerful Blood
Precise Infusion Precision.png Precision Offensive Vicious Claw.png Vicious Claw
Resilient Infusion Toughness.png Toughness Defensive Armored Scale.png Armored Scale
Vital Infusion Vitality.png Vitality Defensive Ancient Bone.png Ancient Bone

Ascended Backpieces

Ascended back slot items can be created using the mystic forge. There are two different methods of making backpieces using the mystic forge. One involves making a Prototype Fractal Capacitor and the other requires fine tier 6 crafting materials.

For the following two recipes, using Crystals creates an offensive infusion slot and using Philosopher's Stones create a defensive infusion slot. The stats on the Prototype Fractal Capacitor depends on the type you choose from the vendor.

The other method of making backpieces involves:






Other Items

There are many other item types that don't follow a specific pattern. Please see Other Items for details. Legendary weapons are also crafted with the mystic forge.


Mystic Chests

Primary article: Mystic Chest

This recipe was in effect for a short period of time and is no longer valid.

Food trays and food feasts

You can also create recipes for trays and feasts of food.


  • The amount of materials needed to create the tray recipes depends on the tier of the food item.
  • Food items must be Initiate or greater to be considered an ingredient in the Mystic Forge.
  • General recipe is inconsistent with lower levels.

Mystic Salvage Kits

Mystic Salvage Kits are identical to Master's Salvage Kits, but have 250 uses.


  • This recipe requires unused kits, i.e. with 25-uses remaining; you cannot combine partially-used kits.

Upgraded Siege Weapon Blueprints

Upgraded Siege Weapon Blueprints can be created from standard Siege Weapon Blueprints (obtained at Siege Merchants or Jumping Puzzles within WvW) using the Mystic Forge.

The recipe for all upgraded blueprints except the Trebuchet and Alpha Siege Golem are as follows: Template:Mystic

The Trebuchet and Alpha Siege Golem require:




Tonics produce a temporary cosmetic transformation. Specific tonics are produced in the Mystic Forge by combining two Mystery Tonics from a Black Lion Chest along with two crafting material ingredients. The Mystery Tonic itself produces a random transformation. The discovered recipes are listed under the Mystery Tonic page.

PvP items

When PvP rewards are salvaged using a PvP Salvage Kit, they are turned into PvP crafting materials, such as arcane powders, arcane crystals and tokens. The tokens all have different ranks (i.e. rabbit, deer, tournament, etc.) and generally the higher the token's rank, the more imposing the item forged.

To create an item you need an item token (available from a glory vendor), a rank token (Rabbit, Deer, etc.), an arcane token (crystal, orb, sliver, etc.) and some arcane powders. The combination of rank token and arcane token determines the rarity of the item.


  • Tip: Using four dyes, runes, sigils or mini-pets has a roughly 20% chance to create a random higher rarity dye, rune or mini-pet.
  • Research into valid recipes and their results can be found here.
  • It is possible to put multiple identical items in the forge. One can split stacks by holding the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) and dragging.
It is possible to receive nothing from the mystic forge, especially when 4 trinkets are put in.


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