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Rising Flames

In Rising Flames, the second episode of Living World season 3, Primordus is on the move and headed to the Ring of Fire islands, and Taimi sends players to Ember Bay to aid in her research into magic. However, the destroyers found there are found to be different, leading the players to search for more information on the effects of Elder Dragons' deaths.

A new sPvP Conquest map, Eternal Coliseum, is also available. Join the fight and earn special achievements. A new default build system has also been introduced to allow players to jump in quicker.

This release also includes updates to WvW and additional new features: new Mistlock Instability and Mistlock Observatory updates, new guild hall upgrade, new decorations, the Legendary Weapon Eureka, as well as new achievements and rewards. Find out more...

Current game status
▪ Game updates - Friday, 23 September 2016
▪ Upcoming changes and features
September 20, 2016
▪ Rising Flames is Live
▪ A message from Mike O’Brien and Matt Pennebaker about legendary weapons
▪ Mursaat Robes, Mursaat Backpack and Glider Combo, and New Hair Colors!
September 19, 2016
▪ Announcing the Winners of the 2016 Guild Wars 2 World Championship
September 15, 2016
▪ Ember Bay: Behind the Scenes
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