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In this mid-season finale for Season 2 of the Living World, problems arise for the human leader, Queen Jennah, who has been accused of conspiring with Scarlet in the attack on Divinity's Reach. Players must work with Kasmeer and Countess Anise to clear the queen's name so she can attend the summit. Meanwhile, the asuran representative, Councilor Phlunt, continues to interfere with Taimi's research. With all the world leaders in one place, however, the summit may prove too dangerous as Mordremoth's power grows.

This release introduces a new area of Dry Top, new achievements, a new Maguuma Wastes Region Track for PvP, and the final step for the Mysterious Vine begun in the previous release. Find out more...

Current game status
August 21, 2014
▪ Announcing the World vs. World Fall Tournament 2014
▪ Ready Up: Episode 20.
August 20, 2014
▪ Big Changes are Coming to the Commander System.
▪ On YouTube: Points of Interest Episode 5.
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