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The Winter 2016 Quarterly Update is the first quarterly seasonal update for Guild Wars 2. This update brings a major balance update, the return of the Lunar New Year event, adds Gliding to all of Central Tyria, an upgraded Shatterer fight, WvW scoring and upgrade improvements, and a new Mist Champion: Tybalt Leftpaw.

New functionality will be added for commanders, allowing them to mark objectives and delegate to lieutenants. Players will be able to change Fractal levels without leaving, and more support activities will contribute to event participation. Finally, players can sign up for a Brew of the Month club and receive a new brew each month for a special backpiece. Find out more.

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Celebrate the New Year of the Monkey
January 14, 2016
▪ Meet the New Shatterer!
▪ Balance Preview on Guild Chat
January 13, 2016
▪ Drooburt’s Last Wintersday
▪ Gliding in Central Tyria
January 12, 2016
▪ State of the Game Update — Q1 2016
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