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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Edge of Destiny and Guild Wars 2.
Almorra Soulkeeper watches the Elder Dragon pass by.

At first, for centuries, I defended my master. But I could hear his thoughts, too, and I knew that if he rose again, all good things would come to an end.


Kralkatorrik is the Elder Crystal Dragon. It is a thousand feet tall and its wingspan easily blocks out the sun, and is described as being about 20 times larger than Glint. It has the power to corrupt anything physical with its breath, turning them into branded. The dragon awoke in 1320 AE in Grothmar Wardowns within the Blood Legion Homelands, where it was once believed to be a mountain; then flew south over the charr territory of Ascalon, with the goal of hunting down its traitorous champion, Glint.

When Kralkatorrik flew, a terrible storm of black clouds and lightning was formed around its body. The lands that were touched by its golden breath during its flight turned black, now called the Dragonbrand; the plants, animals, and even elementals turned into branded - crystalline lifeforms, shadows of their former selves. When Kralkatorrik reached Glint's sanctuary, it fought with Destiny's Edge, and was nearly defeated. However, due to Logan Thackeray's sudden departure to save Queen Jennah at the Stronghold of Ebonhawke, which was assaulted by the newly formed branded at the time, Kralkatorrik was able to escape after killing Glint and Snaff.

Kralkatorrik remained in the northern Crystal Desert for roughly ten years, being among the forces preventing movement into Elona for all except the Order of Whispers]]. Recently, it flew off again, moving southwest towards Vabbi and extending its Dragonbrand.

It is often referred to as both a hurricane and sandstorm. It has the ability to create and even become the latter.




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  • Kralkatorrik's name is similar to the name of the volcano Krakatoa.