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Jumping puzzle

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Disambig icon.png This article is about jumping puzzles. For jumping puzzle achievement category, see Jumping Puzzles.

Jumping puzzles are open-world minidungeons that require the player to find the right jumping route to a hidden chest. They are sometimes guarded by veteran enemies. They currently reward a Jumping Puzzle achievement for completing each individual jumping puzzle, usually combined with a Grand, Magnificent or Splendid Chest. Some puzzles have multiple chests and false endings.


List of jumping puzzles



Maguuma Jungle

Steamspur Mountains

Ruins of Orr

Shiverpeak Mountains

The Mists

  • World vs World
    • Mistwrought Vault (a.k.a. Emerald Sanctum, Garnet Sanctum, or Sapphire Sanctum, depending which map it's done on), north of the northwestern supply camp on each Borderlands map
      • Sapphire Sanctum achievement is in the South East borderland area. Solution here
      • Garnet Sanctum achievement is in the North borderland area. See above for solution.
      • Emerald Sanctum achievement is in the South West borderland area. See above for solution.
    • Obsidian Sanctum, accessed from the three keeps closest to each home base in Eternal Battlegrounds
  • Each of the Sapphire, Emerald and Garnet Sanctums have the same solution.
  • It is possible to retrieve the parts of the key from one borderland and use them to open the chest in one of the other borderlands (which can be useful if a horde of invaders occupy the puzzle in the borderland you are in).

Special Event

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