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Guilds are a great way to connect to a community. Members have many ways to communicate in the game, website, and from mobile devices

Guild Window of Influence Tab

Guilds can also earn influence to purchase upgrades such as leveling bonuses, shared item vaults and the ability to throw parties

You may join a guild or start your own!

— Guild interface[1]

Disambig icon.png This article is about a system of grouping players. For the user interface, see Guild panel.

Guilds are formal groupings of players. Guilds will be available to players from near the start of the game, will not be racially-exclusive, and you may join as many guilds as you like per account. When a character logs in, it will be able to choose which guild it would like to represent. A character can also switch which guild they are currently representing through the interface without having to log out, but they can only gain influence for the guild that they currently represent.[2] While representing that guild you will appear active on the guild roster and have access to the guild chat. Guild membership will also allow greater out-of-group interactivity, with guild members being easily located on a map, current activities visible on the guild roster, and other ways to keep track of fellow guildmates.[3]

Guilds will be able to work towards guild achievements. As guild members do things together in the world, they earn influence. Guilds are able to spend influence on many things such as guild storage, a calendar, and experience flags. Guilds are also able to claim a keep in WvW. They will be able to fly their guild flag from the keep and use influence to upgrade their keep, fortifying it against attacks. [4]

Out-of-game support for guilds will be also be implemented, with a guild calendar allowing guilds to coordinate events across timezones, guild chat accessible from web browsers, and smartphone apps that will be available for free. [5]

Currently guilds can have a maximum of 100 members.


Influence can be used to purchase guild upgrades from the following categories:


  • In the beta, guild creation only required opening the guild interface, clicking 'Create Guild' and entering the guild name and abbreviation. No currency or other players were required to create a new guild.[6]
  • Guild Halls will not be included in the initial release of Guild Wars 2.[7]


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