Fractals of the Mists

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Fractals of the Mists

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Lion's Arch

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Fractals of the Mists is a unique dungeon being introduced in the Lost Shores release and can be accessed via the asura gate in Lion's Arch. Players begin in a hub area, Mistlock Observatory - a safe haven created within the Mists [1]. While it is designed for level 80 characters, the dungeon is accessible to all levels and utilizes a player sidekick system much like in World versus World. Users who participate in the dungeon will access a variety of rewards [2] such as:


Youtube.png Fractals of the Mists Teaser has a video on YouTube.

Like fractals themselves, Fractals of the Mists has no definite end. It is made of nine mini-dungeons called fractals, each with their own story and environment, of which a random set of three will be selected for players to face at a time. After completing one round of three fractals, the party is allowed to rest, repair their equipment and sell their loot, and the difficulty of the next set of three dungeons will be raised. The dungeon will scale to the highest common attained level based on performance during the previous round.[1] At every even number of times the difficulty is raised (second raise, fourth raise, and so on), players will face a special boss encounter. [3] Each fractal is estimated to take between 15-40 minutes.[4] Fractals use checkpoints instead of waypoints, a party will teleport back to the checkpoint if the party wipes.

Difficulty Scale

The difficulty scale increases the difficulty and rewards for the dungeon. Every time a cycle is completed, the scale goes up by one point. Players may choose up to the highest common difficulty level in the group. As the difficulty increases, enemies are more difficult and more mobs will spawn.[5]

Dungeon Information




Volcanic fractal

Underground Facility fractal

Solid Ocean fractal

Swampland fractal

Cliffside fractal

Uncategorized fractal

Snowblind fractal

Aquatic Ruins fractal

Urban Battlegrounds fractal


  • A fractal is a mathematical set that can produce an image with infinite detail that changes forever as you zoom in.


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