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Effect type
Agony is a condition unique to Fractals of the Mists that removes a percentage of the player's health every second. It cannot be removed by condition removal. The only way to mitigate the condition is through infusion.


Players will first encounter Agony at difficulty level 10 in the dungeon. Normal mobs do not inflict agony but the end boss of each fractal will. Agony seems to hit for ~1/8 of your maximum health per tick if you have no resistance and ticks 3 or 4 times at 1 tick per second. 5 Agony resistance (one infusion) halves this damage.

Difficulty level Agony resistance Damage taken per tick
10 0 100%
10 5 50%
10 10 0%


  • The effect is very similar to Spectral Agony inflicted by the Mursaat in Guild Wars. In Guild Wars, it was an irremovable effect that dealt heavy damage against players who were not infused.