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The achievements interface in the game.

Achievements are a system that gauges what a player has accomplished in the game. With the exception of daily and monthly achievements, they do not provide any direct in-game advantage or alter gameplay. Achievements are shared between characters on the account, meaning that you can (and sometimes must) use multiple characters to finish certain achievements or achievement categories. The achievements system is also used to obtain titles.

Players can earn achievements in a variety of ways. For example, by killing particular creatures, doing personal storyline quests, completing jumping puzzles, killing enemies with various weapons, or participating in mini-game activities. Similar to titles in Guild Wars, some achievements can only be obtained in PvE, some only in PvP and some only by participating in WvW. Each completed achievement adds Achievement Points (Arenanet Points.png) to the player's overall achievement score, the amount of which depends on the tier and specifics of the achievement. These points do not have any use, but are shown explicitly on your character selection screen and achievement window and can be seen by other members of your guild and party.

Some achievements require you to have completed prerequisite achievements in order to progress through them. These are handily marked with Prerequisite:, along with the name of the prerequisite achievement, and will not show a progress bar until that prerequisite has been met. Some achievements also unlock titles that players can display beneath their character's names for others to see. Achievements normally have up to ten tiers, however some have infinite tiers and are therefore repeatable. For example, Agent of Entropy has infinite tiers with each tier requiring the player to salvage 200 items; the player will gain achievement points at 200 salvages, 400, 600, and so on. In order to unlock a title or an achievement with prerequisite achievements, you must have completed all tiers in that achievement and its prerequisites (if any).


There are two main "types" of achievements:

  • Daily and Monthly achievements — they reset back to zero at the start of each day and month respectively, at midnight UTC (4:00 PM PST/5:00 PM PDT). Aside from Arenanet Points.png, these gain you coins, experience, Mystic Coins and Jugs of Liquid Karma upon completion of whole category. There are no titles related to daily or monthly achievements.
  • "Regular" achievements — non-repeatable long-term goals. They only add you Arenanet Points.png and sometimes grant titles as well upon completion of all tiers.

Achievements are further divided up into thirteen categories, each of which is ranked by tiers. As players progress through each tier, the achievements become progressively more difficult (the number in parentheses indicates how many specific achievements are in each category):


  • The first time you navigate to the Achievements tab in Hero window, all recently unlocked achievements will be marked with NEW tag next to them. This tag will disappear after closing the window, even if you didn't navigate to the appropriate category of achievements.
  • There are a lot of inconsistencies between achievement's tier descriptions.
    • Generally achievements tend to have written how many of specific things you need to reach the next tier, sometimes it only says how much you have currently, and you have to judge the amount needed to reach next tier by looking on the achievement's progress bar.
    • Some achievements lack a space before and after the slash (/) sign indicating current and next tier amount to reach, while others have the spaces.
    • Some achievements follow Title Case (ex. X / 5 Types of Enemies) while other use the normal sentence case (ex. X / 50 areas).
    • There are even more inconsistencies between tier descriptions in achievements, those are mentioned in each category's page.
  • In early beta versions, daily and monthly achievement chests were placed in the game world instead being available to open via interface like they are now.